"Always, Taste the flavors of the Terres de Mestral"


As is inevitably the case with large traditional recipes, there is a way to do in every house and in every village and it is therefore impossible to talk about a single shell, the truth, the most orthodox, yet then there is the one that can be the standard shell, the consensus shell. It has to be said, however, that some people add bacon, sausage, olives, pepper, tuna... Versions are infinite!



Half of a round half-kilo bread

2 Mature Tomatoes

3 garlic teeth

1 Onion

1 herring

Olive oil extra virgin



Broiling garlic and onions: You can also squeeze the whole cake of garlic on the grill or if you don't have it in the oven, between 180ºC and 200ºC, for about 20’ or 30’, until the garlic is soft. Suit the garlic and book them whole. The onion, as in the previous case, if there is a grill, is heated on the grill, otherwise you ambush the entire onion with aluminum paper, put it in the oven at the same temperature as the garlic for about 45' or until the onion is soft and cooked. Peel it and cut it into large chunks .


Broiling tomatoes: If you have the grill done, you can do it on the grill but if you put the full mature tomatoes in the oven at the same temperature, for about 30' or until they are tortoise.


Toast the herring to the grill, mark the herrings on both sides until they are toasts. With the tip of a knife remove the scale. Then remove your head and crews and separate your steaks, cut them into wide pieces. If you want the herring not to be as strong as you like, leave it between 24h and 48h with water, dig it properly and follow the cooking and getting the meat as it has been said. The result will be a herring steak with a softer and less salty taste.


Put the bread in half, empty if of the crumb, toast it on the side soft, and roasting inside the hole.


Peel garlic, onions and tomatoes. To peel the herring, to fillet her and shred the meat


Put the peeled tomato at the bottom of the bread, wet with extra virgin olive oil.


Put the garlic and onion in pieces and the shred herring. Just wet with extra virgin olive oil.

Eating with the help of the crumb and with the same crust of bread that will be broken as the rest is consumed.